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Sex, Death and Fishing

Welcome to the Glasgow Ballad Workshop website.

The Glasgow Ballad Workshop was started in 2010 as a response to the under-representation of Scottish singers using true traditional music and singing style at some of Scotland’s major events. Anne Neilson, Gordeanna McCulloch and Ronnie Clark, all of this parish, drew together several young (and less young) people with the intention of demystifying the “sacred” Child Ballad and showing people that these are songs that are meant to be sung; that these are traditional songs that you can work with to bring out their relevance in the 21st century.

No surprise – we also lean heavily on the powerful base of Traditional Scottish Songs, and include many well-known artistes as members – Aileen Carr, Cy Laurie, Barbara Dymock to name but three.

Moving towards a sixth year, we are going strong. We have held many excellent events in the past. We have been entertained and educated by the best interpreters and singers of traditional folk song and ballad music from Scotland, Ireland, England and the USA. We continually develop plans for future guests.

The core and true strength of the Workshop is people coming together to sing and discuss; to interpret and discuss; to learn and discuss…and to sing some wonderful songs.

Join us and learn – join us and contribute. The Glasgow Ballad Workshop meets on the last Sunday of every month, with our first meeting of the new season being on 27th September. See our information page for how to find us.

PS: Most ballads are either about sex…or death… or fishing…or…